1. Havana Cuba Streets
  2. Havana sports center
  3. Havana Cuba card trading
  4. Havana City life
  5. Havana Cuba Barbershop
  6. Havana Salsa Club Music
  7. City life in Havana
  8. Havana Ferry Ride
  9. Santeria Church
  10. Rooftop Pigeons for Santeria Rituals
  11. Street Life in Havana Cuba
  12. Shooting Alley on Havana Side Street
  13. Colorful Havana Streets
  14. Dancing at the La Nacional in Havana Club
  15. The Prado Street Life in Havana Cuba
  16. Che Guevara on the City Walls of Havana
  17. Cuban Marketplace in Havana
  18. Havana Cuba Marketplace Pedicab Driver
  19. Havana Cuba City Walls with Che Guevara
  20. Waiting at the Train Station in Cuba
  21. Waiting at the Train Station in Havana
  22. Classroom in Havana with Che Guevara
  23. Havana Cuba Classroom
  24. Classroom in Havana Cuba
  25. School in Havana Cuba
  26. Dancer in Havana Cuba
  27. Santeria Dancer in Havana
  28. Musicians in Havana Cuba
  29. Street Life Against the Havana City Walls
  30. Havana Cuba Children
  31. Children of Havana Cuba
  32. Havana Cuba Portrait
  33. Children in Havana Cuba
  34. Boxing Gym in Havana Cuba
  35. Boxing Practice in Havana Cuba
  36. Boxer at the Rafael Trejo Gym in Havana
  37. Rafael Trejo Gym Havana Cuba
  38. Bacuranao
  39. Laura Alonso Ballet School Dancer
  40. Havana Cuba Ballet Dancers
  41. Laura Alonso Ballet Class Havana
  42. Laura Alonso Ballet School Class
  43. Havana Cuba Ballet Students
  44. La Reina Barber Shop Havana
  45. Street Photography in Havana Cuba
  46. Habana Compas Dance Company
  47. Church in Havana Cuba
A few weeks ago, Scott and I had the chance to take the trip of a lifetime. We spent a week in Cuba with famed photojournalist, Peter Turnley, documenting life in Havana. During our time in Cuba, we had some amazing opportunities to step inside and get a first hand account of their daily activities and speak with the locals, thanks to the help of our guide Oscar. The wonderful thing about this journey was the variety of activities that we were able to participate in. We had the chance to sit on dance rehearsals for the Habana Compás Dance Company, who use Afro-Cuban rhythms and contemporary dance paired with a variety of percussion instruments, as well as the Laura Alonso Dance Academy, ran by the daughter of the grande dame of the Cuban Ballet, Alicia Alonso. From there we were able to visit the classrooms of a local elementary classroom the headed off to photograph amateur boxers training at the Rafael Trejo outdoor gym. One of the highlights of our trip was travelling to the to the home of the son and granddaughter of Raul Corrales, of the leading figures in photographing the Cuba Revolution, and viewed some of his original prints.